Paper Quilled Handmade Colourful Ik Onkar (Ek Onkar) Artwork in a white background and quilled in multi coloured paper strips in swirl pattern.


Meaning Of Ik Onkar (Ek Onkar)


Ek Onkar means “God is One.” The symbol is an emblem of the Sikh religion and is found on Gurdwaras (Sikh temples) around the world. The symbol has some resemblance to the Sanskrit OM as seen in the Hindu religion.


Ek Onkar forms the cornerstone of Sikh belief in the unity and oneness of God.Ek Onkar is the beginning of the Sikh Mool mantra, and the first phrase in the Sikh Holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib:


There is but one God. Truth by name, the creator, all-pervading spirit, without fear, without enmity. Whose existence is unaffected by time, who does not take birth, self-existent, who is to be realised through his grace.


What a perfect gift for housewarming , wedding, new home, birthday, welcome home or any occasion.


Size of framed artwork: 18cm x 24 cm


Artwork comes fully framed in a white deep box frame and covered with glass or Perspex top protect the quilled artwork.


Artwork comes framed


Options Available

- 18cm x 24cm framed artwork

- 21cm x 30cm framed artwork

- 30cm x 40cm framed artwork


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Ik Onkar Symbol Pink and Purple Quilled Frame

Artwork Size
Gift Wrapping

This art will be a beautiful addition to your interior. It is handmade paper quilled art piece and comes fully framed in a shadow box frame.

Quilling is the art of using thin strips of paper and shaping these into intricate designs by rolling, folding and bending these strips to make unique art.


Each element on the art piece is made from hand cut paper and made with lots of love and patience.


All frames are carefully wrapped in tissue paper and protected with bubble wrap or other eco-friendly packaging material to ensure it is safe during transit. Therefore, the product will be delivered in good condition without any damage.


Each piece of art created by me is entirely handmade, unique an original. We take pride in using only high quality materials for our art pieces.


This can be an ideal gift for any occasion.


This artwork is made to order therefore please allow between 7-10days for it to be created. We endeavour to deliver products within these timescales.


When purchased, this is a custom piece and therefore when we create it, it will not always look identical to the image shown here. Each piece is unique and every effort is made to ensure the completed art piece looks similar.


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