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Half Term Holidays are coming and our children need to be occupied.

Why not enroll them on our creative cubs craft workshop where they will learn a variety of techniques from paper craft, quilling, cardmaking, origami, dot-art painting, button art, string art and so much more. Hosted by Paper Quilling Artist - Tina Gajjar (Founder of VishwArt)

Available from 18th October through to 30th October

Price : £10 per session (no tools or materials included) 

Themes will be set for each day

Mondays - Papercraft
Tuesdays - Dot Art Painting
​Wednesdays - Button Art, Zentangle Art
Thursdays - Paper Flowers, Card Making
Fridays - String Art, Origami

Saturdays - Quilling

List of Tools and materials for each class will be provided upon booking of the lesson.
Tools and Kits can be purchased online at a discount once class booking is done.

Classes held on Zoom Videoconferencing

Available During Holidays Time : 9am & 11am 

Price : £10 per session

Classes held on Zoom Videoconferencing

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