All About Me

2020 is a new beginning for VishwArt as there are many exciting things bubbling in the background. Some of you already know me, but those of you who are new and dont know me, let me take this opportunity to begin this year by introducing myself. I am Tina Gajjar, and I am the paper quilling artist behind the brand VishwArt.

I began my journey as a paper artist in summer 2017 not really knowing where I was headed, just knew that I enjoyed working with paper. I am a self-taught quiling artist and work on commissioned art pieces for the baby nurseries and one of a kind statement pieces for the home.


I haven't always been a paperartist. I used to work in Aerospace as a Program Manager and Customer Service Manager. Life has a way of changing your path .. for the greater good. As soon as you become attuned to it .. it starts working in miraculous ways.

My Motto in Life

Day One or One Day .. You Decide!


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