Paper Quilling Tools Kit with VishwArt's own Quilling Design Templates and "How To Quill" Instructions Manual


Consists of :

1. Electric slotted curling tool

2. Slotted quilling tool
3. Long slotted quilling tool
4. Wider slotted quilling tool
5. Lengthened Quilling Needle

6. Squeeze bottle for glue (no glue included)
7. 3D shape making board
8. A box of Pearl Pin
9. Scissors
10. Quilling comb
11. Quilling crimper
12. Pattern plate with pins
13. Curling coach
14. Quilling board
15. Tweezers
16. Circle 3-Dimensional Shaping Tool
17. Square 3-Dimensional Shaping Tool
18. Triangle 3-Dimensional Shaping Tool

19. "How To Quill" Instructions Manual

20. Sample Quilling Design Templates 

Paper Quilling Tools Kit (20 piece kit)